Best Online Book Purchase Sites in Pakistan

Are you a bookworm? A committed reader? Or is anybody willing to cultivate a reading habit? Then you should read this blog. It will direct you to Pakistan’s best online book purchase sites. For voracious readers, the internet may be a great resource, but it’s crucial to understand which online retailers are the most reliable and appropriate when it comes to buying new and used books online.

Consequently, we performed the research for you! Here are the Best Site to Purchase Books Online.


Online Books Outlet is a gem for readers in Pakistan (OBO). One of the Online book purchase best Site is OnlineBooksOutlet, which has its headquarters in Karachi, sends books all over Pakistan. They provide books for all ages and have both fiction and non-fiction in their collections. From this website, you can easily purchase books online in Pakistan. They have covered almost all top selling books with good rating at Goodreads.

OnlineBooksOutlet also offer Pdf printing service, means if you can not find any book you can simply send pdf of the book to them or you can request them at their official WhatsApp number 0332-1626626 and they will arrange it for you.

They even provide books to Level pupils and have a section on their website’s home page specifically for it. From this online retailer in Pakistan, you can also get a variety of accessories. 

  • Best for: Novels, Children, Academics, Fiction, Nonfiction, Urdu Literature, books Set, CSS, Pdf Prinitng etc Mostly all of the categories they have covered.
  • Shipping Charges: FREE Delivery above Rs. 500 else Rs. 100 Charges only (Most economical among all)
  • Website:

Liberty Books

With ten locations across Pakistan, Liberty is one of the greatest and largest online bookshops in the nation. It was founded in Karachi in 1952 and is currently present throughout Pakistan. Liberty’s mission is to build a literate society, so they are always available to fulfill your online orders. 

  • Best for: Fiction, Non-fiction, Urdu books, Children’s books
  • Shipping Charges: Rs.150


The biggest online book resource in Pakistan is called “Readings.” It began as a little used book store in Lahore in 2006, but today its scope has been extended to the entire nation. They enable the supply at reasonable costs. You can shop on their website and make your purchase of new or used books. There are more than 70 categories accessible, so you may pick the one you like most. 

  • Best for Biographies, Autobiographies, Science, Religion, Politics, Literature
  • Shipping Charges: Minimum 500 shopping

Saeed Book Bank

Saeed Book Bank, Pakistan’s top online bookshop, was founded in 1955 with the goal of promoting information in the most effective way. One of the oldest book sites in Pakistan, it has a large selection of books in every genre. Their enormous collection is the go-to place for many readers in Pakistan, covering everything from philosophy and fiction to cultural history and academia. Even if you can’t find the book you want, you can contact them directly through their web portal with a specific request. It is Pakistan’s oldest and most well-known bookstore.

  • Best for: education
  • Shipping Charges: Free on orders of Rs, 1000 and above.

Paramount Books

The oldest bookstore in Pakistan is called Paramount, and it opened its doors in 1948. Today, a prominent publisher and bookseller take care of your online book requests. They support a wide range of genres, including the medical, professional, general, and social sciences. The bookstore has locations in Hyderabad, Faisalabad, Abbottabad, Lahore, Peshawar, and Abbottabad. Online book orders can be placed with payments made using Easy Paisa, UBL Omni and bank transfers.

  • Best for academics, Children, Medical, Science, Business
  • Shipping Charges: Depend upon the order

Dawah Books

Da’wah Books is an autonomous, non-profit organization that was founded in June 2008 with the goal of promoting reliable Islamic information. It is Pakistan’s top retailer for religious literature and is located in Karachi. Their extensive selection can be the ideal for expanding your knowledge, whether you need books on Islamic literature, modern issues, history, Muslim men and women, or any other subject. It is especially advised for new converts to Islam or for anyone who wants to change their perspective on religion. Undoubtedly a distinctive and reliable resource to broaden your understanding of Islam. They also ship books all across the world.

  • Best for: Islamic books
  • Shipping Charges: Rs, 170 for Karachi. For other cities, the price depends on the order weight.

Final verdict

It’s time to wrap up this piece now that we’ve listed and discussed some of the top online bookstores in Pakistan and how to order books from them. We sincerely hope that our site has provided you with all the necessary knowledge in this regard. Hope here you have got the idea from this site you can also get cheap new books online. And also OBO, OnlineBooksOutlet was found to be the best website to purchase books.

Best online book purchase site - OnlineBooksOutlet
Best online book purchase site – OnlineBooksOutlet