A Sip of Moonlight by Sameen Khan Yousafzai (SKY)


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A Sip of Moonlight is my second collection of poems published after On the Wings of SKY, and these poems, too, are minuscule pearls of my life’s journey.

With these poems, I hope to inspire my readers with a sense of self-worth, acknowledgement of pain, though not accepting defeat, instead, striving towards victory. This book is also a tribute to love and the union of two souls, to the beautiful and pure bond of marriage. This book is about growing mature emotionally and intellectually with every minute experience gained, and blossoming from the experiences. It is about the ability to learn how to turn the negative into the positive, and to make the positive more fortified and far-reaching.

A Sip of Moonlight is a tribute to love and life and is about love and life.