Rab Se Jurhne Ka Safar By Umm E Huraira


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This is the story of a girl who is a normal human being like you and me, but she wants to connect with her ALLAH by responding to the voice of her soul in this world.
But in this age of tribulations, where religion is not given any importance, in spite of external obstacles, in her inner anguish and desire to love Allah intensely, she travels close to her ALLAH.
All the characters in this story are fictional. However, many of the experiences, events and emotions described in it happen in the lives of the people around us. The author’s purpose in writing this fictional story is only to please ALLAH It is to connect the servants of the ALLAH with the ALLAH, through the word that comes from the ALLAH, how to seek guidance from Him, how to hold on to this rope (as the Qur’an calls the rope in the Qur’an and Hadith)
The relationship should be established so that the eternal journey and the eternal destination (Paradise) and then finally the pleasure of his beloved ALLAH and his visit can become the greatest desire.
May Allah make it effective in every single word and make it readers Take it to the hearts of and accept this effort. !!! Ameen