Essentials for the Canadian Medical Licensing Exam 2nd Edition Author(s) Jeeshan H Chowdhury, Shaheed Merani


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Prepare for success on the MCCQE Part 1! Essentials for the Canadian Medical Licensing Exam provides an efficient and effective review of exactly what you need to know to perform at your best on the exam. Written by students, residents, and faculty, it contains only the essential information required to meet the Medical Council of Canada’s Objectives for the Qualifying Examination, saving you valuable time and helping you focus your study. Each chapter covers common clinical presentations, including detailed differential diagnoses, relevant physical examination characteristics and diagnostic tests, treatment and patient consultation techniques, and epidemiological information, as well as fundamental scientific principles.

  • Information is presented in a concise and easy-to-follow visual format , helping you master challenging content.
  • Numerous tables and flow charts allow you to review complex and detailed concepts quickly and easily.
  • Clinical boxes highlight key competencies in the MCC’s Objectives for the Qualifying Examination, as well as applied scientific concepts, high-yield points, CLEO material, red flags, and clinical pearls.
  • Helpful appendices include normal lab values, a list of common Abbreviations, and a clinical presentations index