Essentials of Dental Materials Author(s): Huzaifa Saeed-ul-Khair, Hasham Aleem


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This book has been compiled and written, keeping in mind the interests of students andpractioners of dental sciences The book encompasses the essentials of the subject of DENTAL MATERIALS as prescribed under the syllabus of BDS 1 by the Dental Council of India.. Topics dealing with dental materials used in the laboratory to make the dentures, i.e. gypsum products. hydrocolloid impression materials, denture base resin, etc. have been described methodically. The topics of casting, investments for castings and casting wax are quite intricate that need comprehensive description to the student, since these procedures relate to the laboratories exclusively Topics that are originally dealt with by manufacturers solely like dental casting alloys, dental ceramics, dental cements, dental implants gold alloys wrought base metal, etc. are discussed even handedly, taking the American Dental Association (ADA) specifications as pinnacles of standards to be maintained. Contentious topics of dental amalgam and dental fluorides, which have since times immemorial been the centre of hot debate, are described as truly as they exist in the dossiers of the ADA specifications for dental materials alias medical devices used in dentistry. Dental materials is a vast subject of dentistry that encompasses all specialties whether it be prosthodontics conservative dentistry or orthodontics, It, in fact, forms the back bone of a fine contemporary dental practice. It aims to serve as a comprehensive text to the students of BDS course and a handy guide to all the practising dentists. 1. History 2. Physical Properties of Dental Materials 3. Mechanical Properties of Dental Materials 4. Inelastic Impression Materials 5. Hydrocolloid Impression Materials 6. Gypsum Products 7. Nonaqueous Elastomeric Impression Materials 8. Metals, Alloys, Corrosion, Dental Amalgam and Direct Filling Gold 9. Chemistry of Synthetic Resins 10. Denture Base Resins 11. Restorative Resins 12. Inlay Casting 13. Soldering, Wrought Base Metal and Dental Implantology 14. Dental Cements, Dental Ceramics and Finishing


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