Top 9 Urdu Romantic Novels in Urdu That You Must Read

Urdu is one of the richest languages out there, and reading enthusiasts are always on the lookout for the best romantic novels in Urdu. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Urdu novels are a form of art, and there are hundreds of writers with the most amazing books that can satisfy the reader’s craving. In simpler words, various Urdu novels best have been penned down by the writers. 

Bes 9 Romantic Novels in Urdu

So, if you want to read a famous novel in Urdu that promises exceptional storylines, we are sharing the list of rude hero based Urdu novels and more with you! 

  1. Peer-E-Kamil 

If you are a fan of Urdu fiction novels or romantic novels in Urdu, we are sure you’ve heard about Peer-E-Kamil. Written by Umera Ahmed, this novel is one’s way to find Allah and manifest peace. This novel revolves around the deviational section where the female protagonist is from the section that denies the finality of Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH). 

On the other hand, the male protagonist is a Muslim who is exceptionally intelligent with an impeccably high IQ level. In simpler words, both protagonists are poles apart in their religious approach, and on their quest to find themselves and Allah, they both fall for each other!

  1. Baharon K Sang Sang

This novel has been penned by Iqra Sagheer Ahmed, and it’s actually a socio-romantic novel. The female protagonist portrays various aspects of their social life while balancing her romance and love life. The novel begins when the female protagonist is still in college and shows the events she goes through while reaching practical life. 

Initially, she didn’t believe in love, but the events she went through helped her understand that love is an emotion that cannot be ignored easily. 

  1. Jannat Kay Pattay 

Jannat Kay Pattay is one of the best Urdu novels written by Nimrah Ahmed. The story revolves around a female law student whose life takes a 180-degree turn when she goes to Turkey for a five-month semester. However, the real issue starts when someone leaks her dance video on the internet. To get the video deleted from the internet, she contacted Cyber Crime Cell’s officer. 

In addition, she had her engagement done in childhood with her paternal cousin, whom she hadn’t met in a long time. So, she finds him in Turkey while trying to get her video removed. To see how these paths interchange and how the law student gets her life in order, you need to read this absolutely amazing book!

  1. Mushaf 

Mushaf is not a romantic novel, but it has made waves in the Urdu literary world. The novel is about a helpless orphan girl who lives with her paternal family but isn’t treated right. She goes on the quest to find Islam and goes through various difficulties while learning the real meaning of the Quran. Things get better when her Quran learnings help her cope with the issues of her personal life. 

  1. Namal 

Namal is one of the best Urdu novels that you can read if you want self-realization. This story includes the fight between good and bad, or should we say it’s about a relationship between a boy and his family. In addition, it shows the bad and ugly sides of money. The novel is written by Nimrah Ahmed, and she has a knack for teaching religion through well-penned stories. 

Also, the novel has romance when the male protagonist (Faris Ghazi) and female protagonist (Zumar Yousuf) get married out of need and have to find their way to each other. Also, did we mention that the male protagonist allegedly shot the female protagonist? Or did he not? Well, we guess you’ll have to read the novel!

  1. Amar Bail 

This novel is written by Umera Ahmed – it’s the story of Alizay Sikandar and Umar Jehangir. The novel is plotted in the bureaucratic culture of Pakistan, so you will read a lot about power lust, insecurities, broken families, and imbalanced relationships. However, love manages to find its way with all its intensity. In addition, it portrays how human psychology and emotions work.

As far as the storyline is concerned, it focuses on corruption, injustice, and nepotism – it also shows how abiding by the law is the ultimate way of punishing the bad ones in society. 

  1. La Hasil 

This is a story of weak humans who go through multiple trials in their lives and how they are motivated by their own pride, desire, and beliefs. It shows how humans don’t want to do anything beyond their beliefs. La Hasil is the story of someone’s redemption and regrets. It shows how we can take ourselves out of filth and how navigate through the path of self-righteousness and self-rectification. 

During all this, the novel shows how we have to let go of worldly beliefs and put our faith in our ultimate god, Allah. 

  1. Haalim 

Haalim translates into a dreamer, and the story revolves around Talia Murad (a con artist) and Fateh (a political leader). Throughout the novel, we read about different characters as well as their pains, fears, skills, and struggles that they endure while moving through a tough life. In simpler words, the novel is about a divine love story as well as a supernatural fantasy. 

This novel was first printed in the Khawateen Digest over twenty episodes, but a complete novel is a great option for people who don’t like the suspense. 

  1. Imaan, Umeed Aur Mohabbat

This is another masterpiece written by Umera Ahmed. This novel is about a modest girl who fell in love but didn’t give in to the temptation and stayed true to her religion. The issue happens when her childhood fiancé asks her to create a physical relationship before marriage, and even with the strongest urge to fulfill his wish, she says no and stays true to the religion. 

Saying no to her fiancé creates multiple issues in her life, and she feels deprived of hope. However, that’s when Allah gifts her with another man who supports her religion, Daniel Edgar. 


On a concluding note, the Urdu novels mentioned in this article should be on your reading list because they are exceptionally written and make you connect with the stories that promise nothing but good!

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