Top 5 reasons why I order Books online?

Like any other bookworm, I am an introvert too, and I love staying home, snuggling up on my couch, and Online Books Shopping that is all I want. And the cherry on top is that I can easily order books online nowadays since there are so many great bookstores delivering books right to my doorstep.

Sounds like a book lover’s dream, right?

According to the latest survey, did you know that more than half of book readers (56% in fact) order their books online? Apart from that, recent stats show that hardback books are still in popular demand and are not getting replaced by e-books any time soon. More details here.

When it comes to online shopping, many people get cold feet because of the scams or fake products. In this article, we are going to explain why you should order books online and how you are missing on a lot of good stuff by not clicking that ”Buy” button.

Here are the top 5 reasons why I order books online.

My Top 5 Reasons to Order Books Online

Here are my top 5 reasons why I prefer to order books online rather than a physical shop.

It’s convenient

It is super convenient to order right from your couch. You don’t have to step outside and go through all the hassle of driving through crazy traffic, excessive pollution, and dressing up. Place your order at any time of the day even if you are sitting at your office or resting in your bed, it doesn’t really matter. Craving a newly released book by your favourite author? Pick your phone and order the book, easy peasy, right?

It’s cheap

I love buying cheap books because that way I can buy lots of books. Ordering books online is relatively less expensive because they usually have sales going on, and you also get big discounts. Moreover, you save the cost of fuel while ordering from home.

It’s safer

And most of all, online book shopping is much safer as you are not exposed to pollution, germs, and viruses. We are amid a pandemic, and the best thing to do is stay indoors, order books for your family and read to your heart’s extent.

 The variety is excellent.

Another great thing is the vast variety and diversity offered by online book stores. You can find most titles under one roof or even request a book if it’s not available. No matter if you want to buy English novels online or order Urdu books online, most online book shops stock everything you need.

Buy what YOU really want

I love the idea of buying books at my own discretion. I can add books to my wish list and buy them later. That way, I don’t have to deal with the guilt of leaving books behind at the counter and facing those weird stares of the shopkeeper.


When it comes to buying books, I am a hoarder. I buy lots of books and most of them I order online. My experience with buying books online has been super good. That’s because I order from an authentic book store like OBO. When I order books online, not only do I save time, money, and energy, but I also save the shipping cost sometimes. It’s a win-win situation for bookworms like me.

Order now your dose of happiness right now, book lovers. Happy reading!