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Online Books Shopping in Pakistan

by Usama Lakhani 29 Dec 2023

At, one of the best online books store in Pakistan, we believe that reading books can change lives for the better. That is why we strive hard to provide our readers with the best online books shopping experience in Pakistan.
We love book reading and want to revive the passion of reading books in our young generation. OBO understands that getting your favorite books in high-quality print while sitting at home is the need of the hour.
OBO is one of the best online books store in Pakistan because we stock a massive range of original novels, children’s books, toddler books, fiction, non-fiction, medical books, and academic books at unbelievable prices.
We aim to provide our beloved readers with the latest books and new releases, so you don’t have to wait to get your favorite book and that too at economical prices.

High-Quality Books At Your Doorstep

OBO is one of the most popular online books store, thanks to its excellent reputation and hundreds of satisfied customers.
Not only that, we believe that being on a budget should never stop you from reading. So we offer great discounts on a wide range of books.

We provide cash on delivery all over Pakistan. Flat 100 rs. Shipping charges are applicable on all orders worth 500. For order above rs.500, the delivery is free, and you don’t have to pay any shipping charges.
You can also opt for our safe and secure online payment method instead of COD.

Request a book

Craving for that new release by your favorite author but can’t find it anywhere? Well, just let us know, and we will arrange it for you at the most affordable rates as soon as possible.


At the online Books outlet, we deal with books in the following categories.


Are you looking for a captivating read to keep you hooked? Select from a wide range of fiction books available at our online books store, OBO. Select your next read from any genre –romance, thriller, classic, mysteries, comedy- and order from the comfort of your home.


If you are a non-fiction reader, don’t worry as we have a vast range of non-fiction books too. Increase your knowledge by getting popular books that will change your perspective of life at reasonable rates.

Urdu literature

As for our Urdu book lovers, we have a wide range of Urdu classical and contemporary novels. From Khalil Jibran to Umera Ahmed, you can get your hands on your favorite novel at cheap rates.

Children books

Reading at an early age is believed to boost your child’s intelligence and understanding of the world. Children are curious beings, and one of the best ways to satisfy their curiosity is by introducing them to the world of books. OBO is one of the leading online bookstores in Pakistan because we stock a huge variety of children’s books as well as educational toys. We provide options for varied age groups so that you can easily order according to your child’s age.

Academic books

Moreover, we are also helping students by providing academic books, so you don’t need to waste time if you have an exam coming up. From CSS, PMS to medical and dental books, OBO is committed to helping students learn better. Please browse through our Academic books category to see more titles.
OBO has taken online books shopping to the next level by offering high-quality books at affordable prices so anyone and everyone can read. Thanks to OBO, you don’t have to step out of your home to get your next read.

Stay Home and enjoy Exceptional customer service with FREE DELIVERY!

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