A Mother’s Choice by Elle Halliwell


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a mother’s choice

On May 1st 2016 Elle Halliwell, the hugely popular Daily Telegraph Fashion Editor, was diagnosed with leukemia. Two weeks later just as she was telling friends and family about the grim diagnosis she found out she was 4 weeks pregnant with her first child.

She was faced with an impossible choice: either terminate her unborn baby and begin the treatment that gave her the best chance of survival, or continue with the pregnancy and delay effective intervention for her cancer, a course that could lead to her death.

Elle chose her baby over herself, a mother’s choice. Her memoir details her illness, her pregnancy, and against all the odds, the ultimate triumph of giving birth to her son in December 2016. Almost a year later she is still on the road to recovery but has discovered a new passion for nutrition and healthy living. Her journey remains hard but the trials of the last year and a half have made her more determined than ever to live well and regain her health for the sake of her family and her son.