Ambiya Karam Ki Piyari Kahanian (Urdu)


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Stories About:-

  1. Hazrat Adam or Hazrat Hawa
  2. Hazrat Ayub ka sabar
  3. Hazrat Shoaib or Madin ka beimaan log
  4. Hazrat Dawood or Taloot Badshah
  5. Hazrat Isa or Hazrat Maryam


  • Stories of the companions (May Allah be pleased with them)
  • Contains attractive artwork & illustrations to inspire creativity
  • Fascinating facts to provide a basic understanding of Islam
  • Keeping invisible facial features according to Islam.
  • Spend some quality time reading these book for your children and develop proper islamic etiquette in along run.
  • Language: Urdu
  • 52 Pages


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