Buddhism for Breakups by Meshel Laurie


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buddhism for breakups book

What would Buddha do?

Whether it’s the end of a marriage, a romance or a friendship, break-ups are an unfortunate part of life. They can stir up horrible emotions and make you want to do crazy things. But when comedian Meshel Laurie faced the end of her nineteen-year marriage, Buddhist philosophy helped her turn her biggest challenge into an opportunity for personal growth and greater happiness.

Now Meshel shows readers how Buddhism can be a roadmap for navigating the fear, loneliness and grief of a broken heart. Sharing her own story with humour and honesty, she explains:

* how the Buddhist concepts of Emptiness and Impermanence can free us to see things clearly (and calm the heck down!)
* how to love without attachment
* the difference between loneliness and aloneness
* how to work through all those disturbing emotions
* how to embrace change
* how to harness wisdom and compassion in order to heal.

Way cheaper than hours of therapy, Buddhism for Break-ups is your go-to guide for zen!