A Woman’s War (Keep the Home Fires Burning #2) by S. Block


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In the darkest days they’ll find their greatest strength . . .

As enemy planes continue to bombard the North West of England, the women of Great Paxford fight harder then ever to presevere.

Pat thought she’d found true happiness, but as things change at home she finds herself questioning everything she thought she knew about her husband.

Laura’s young life has been besieged by tragedy, yet a new future looms on the horizon if she can find the courage to reach for it.

Teresa has completely reshaped her life to be the perfect wife. Dinner on the table at five o’clock sharpish, each inch of the house spick and span . . . but with the arrival of a new guest, her life is thrown completely off kilter.

However, for Steph Farrow it’s not the threat of what’s to come, it’s whether she can live with what she has done . . .