ATTHARA SAU SATTAWAN By Nasir Kazmi, Intizar Hussain


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Inspired by the failed war of independence in 1971, various poets have recited a large number of poems and epics on the devastation, ruin and helplessness of India. The book under review is also an important link to it Published in the editorship, in fact this book is the “eighteen hundred and fifty-seven” issue of the magazine “Khayal”, Nasir Kazmi and Intezar Hussain’s editorship in this magazine is the record of the events that took place in the eighteen hundred and fifty-seven,Historical Khudo Khal has been presented. In this issue, important articles of famous and eminent personalities of Urdu literature have been included, such as Faraq Gorakhpuri, Ibadat Barelvi, Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi, Mohammad Hassan Askari. In addition, important material has been presented by setting up topics such as the background of 1875, the city of interest, the war of independence and literature, poetry and prose, etc.



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