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Required Content Knowledge: In this book, we divide the required content knowledge into four chapters based on the guideline provided by the College Board for the 2016 redesigned SAT Math: Chapter One: Heart of Algebra Chapter Two: Problem Solving and Data Analysis Chapter Three: Passport to Advanced Math Chapter Four: Additional Topics in Math Within each chapter, we explore all necessary sub-concepts in depth and provide numerous practice questions mimicking those on the actual SAT. The problems and techniques in this book will help train and prepare students for the redesigned math section of the new SAT. The breakdown of topics in this book reflects the topics emphasized on the new SAT. Working on the problem solving skills sections will help students build a strong sense of intuition for solving problems and making educated guesses. Problem Solving Skills Within each concept section, the problems are grouped into three difficulty levels: Easy Medium Hard The critical thinking advices, answers, and detailed explanations are located to the right of the problems. Students can refer to the answers easily but can also cover the page if they want to attempt the problem on their own 1500+ Practice Problems and 10 Mock Tests In addition to a thorough overview of materials, this book provides over 1500 practice problems for you to reinforce your understanding of the material and pinpoint the weak areas you need to improve on. The ten SAT Math mock tests located at the back of book closely mimic the actual exam and provide more even practice. By taking these mock exams with a timer under test-like conditions, students will be even more prepared to master the real test. More SAT Practice Questions Just Like the Real Test Several new SAT Math exams have been administered since March 2016, and we now have a clearer picture of what the exam will look like. Some changes we made for the 2018 edition workbook include reducing the number of geometry problems and increasing the number of algebra problems, including a more balanced variety of difficulty in the problems and increasing the number of practical problem-solving questions. We published this 2018 edition to more adequately reflect what students will see on the actual test. We cannot thank you, our readers, enough for giving us feedback and bringing to our attention many ways we were able to improve our mock tests to better simulate those on the actual exam. We will always continue to improve in order to help you be as prepared as possible for the new SAT Math exam. Based on student and teacher feedback, we have also rearranged questions in the problem solving skill section to more accurately reflect their difficulty levels and revised the concept overview sections to more closely cover what will be on the new SAT Math exam.