Echoes of the Great Song by David Gemmell


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The Great Bear will descend from the skies, and with his paw, lash at the ocean. He will devour all the works of Man. Then he will sleep for ten thousand years, and the breath of his sleep will be death.

The prophecy had come true. The world spun. Tidal waves lashed the planet, and a new ice age dawned. The few survivors of a once great empire struggled to rebuild, to hold their ground against the rising barbarian tide. Then two moons appeared in the skies, unleashing a terrible evil that threatened not only the new empire, but the survival of the world itself.

‘When it comes to heroic fantasy, nobody does it better than David Gemmell’
The Dark Side
‘Gemmell is several rungs above the good – right into the fabulous’ Anne McCaffrey
‘The best fantasy inspires genuine involvement. David Gemmell’s novels do just that’