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Prof. Atiqullah is currently a big name in Urdu criticism and research. He has a keen eye on the critical history of the East as well as the critical school of the West. Saying that he himself is a very good poet, he not only gets access to the true meaning of literature and poetry and its aspects which are inter-lines by feeling them with his poetic conscience, but also guides the students to this point.

The book under review, The Tradition of Criticism in the West, is a supreme example of his scholarly insight and indispensable for students pursuing research in Urdu universities around the world.

The National Urdu Council has published several books of Prof. Atiqullah with great care even before this and these books have been well received in the Urdu community. The ‘Dictionary of Literary Terms’ is one of them.

Professor Atiqullah’s book on the critical tradition from ancient Greece and Rome to Derrida will be very useful in understanding the basic sources of criticism. We hope readers will benefit from this latest offer from the National Council.



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