Making Yourself Indispensable: The Power of Personal Accountability By Mark Samuel


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Imagine waking up with enthusiasm every workday. Imagine being certain that you are highly valued by your boss and coworkers. Imagine feeling secure and in control because, even if jobs are being eliminated, you’re too valuable to let go. In other words, imagine being indispensable.
Sound too good to be true? Not according to Mark Samuel, who has helped thousands of people around the world get on the path to personal achievement and fulfillment. He shows why the key to becoming indispensable is to embrace accountability rather than run from it, in everything you do at work and in your personal life.
You’ll see how Samuel’s Personal Accountability Model really worked for people such as:

– Lynn, who transformed herself from the worst teacher at her school to one of the most respected.

– Dan, an office assistant of ten years who finally figured out how to jumpstart his career.

– Mary, a super visor who had continually been skipped over for promotion, until she finally decided to stop “playing it small.”

– Jerry, a plant manager who got stuck in a “victim loop” when his division began to underperform. Only when he stopped blaming others could he find the energy and ideas to help his plant overcome its challenges.
Becoming indispensable doesn’t require a fancy degree, a senior management title, or a huge income. It’s a mind-set available to anyone, as you’ll learn from these and other inspiring true stories. You’ll also discover Samuel’s proven strategies for letting go of victimhood, figuring out what’s really holding you back, and taking smart actions to achieve your highest goals.