Marketing Research: An Applied Approach Subsequent Edition by Thomas C. Kinnear (Author), James R. Taylor (Author)


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This very applied approach to the managerial use of marketing research is designed and organized by the steps in the marketing research process. Great care has been taken to deal with the technical aspects of marketing research in a manner that allows the reader to apply research procedures to real applications in a pragmatic, step-by-step, “here’s how to do it” fashion. The revision contains 35 cases; 14 new to this edition. The changes to the Fifth Edition include the addition of substantial insights and examples on international marketing research. Major new illustrations entitled Global Marketing Research Dynamics appear throughout the text. Three marketing research databases available on a PC-disk, accompany each copy of the book and contain real results from actual marketing research studies and are all keyed to the major PC-based analysis packages: SPSS-PC, SAS-PC, SYSTAT-PC, and MYSTAT-PC.