My Annoying Mom by Tayyaba Amir

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Shoaib wants to do much in life and the only thing he does to pursue his goals is… Dreaming.One of the big hurdle in his life is an authoritarian woman, that he called his mother.To live with her under her command becomes more challenging day by day for Shoaib. Tension runs high between them and their tempers flare as the two can hardly stand under one roof together.Will Shoaib find the lost love for her in his heart again?Maybe or maybe not…

1 review for My Annoying Mom by Tayyaba Amir

  1. Usman Ahmed

    This is a fabulous book with exquisite illustrations. It has a quite interesting story with an awesome lesson to it, for readers of all ages. It also features couple of great activities at the end. Highly Recommended.

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