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Money. Lust. Real estate.

Sold takes a fly-on-the-wall look at Melbourne’s property industry. Set in the leafy, prosperous inner suburbs, it follows the fortunes and misfortunes of three agents as they jostle, thrive and try to survive.

It reveals the routines, the agents’ listing tricks and the subtle intimidation used to motivate staff and prospective vendors at Prender and Prender Real Estate.

Failed AFL footballer, Will Pittman, now a junior agent, is looking for redemption. Former Auckland car dealer Harry ‘The Fox’ Osbourne just wants to pay the kids’ school fees.

And Dally Love, the smiling assassin, wants it all: money, the girl, and the warm glow that comes from being seen as a good bloke.

Then there’s Gerard. Mentally disabled, homeless, possibly dangerous. He’s like a scud missile with a busted radar. And he’s squatting in an old convent that’s about to be turned into luxury apartments…