The Modern Day Mother: Babies and Sleep from Womb to One by Andi Lew


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Discover how you can parent naturally and gently without crying methods. Conflicting advice, information and criticism can make a new parent feel inadequate, lost and overwhelmed. Certified infant massage instructor, health writer, TV presenter, qualified chiropractic assistant and co-author of 7 Things Your Doctor Forgot to Tell You, Andi Lew, shares how she learnt to trust her instincts and take a natural approach to parenting that will help you feel empowered and enhance your baby’s development. Inside, find compelling science, holistic wisdom and common-sense advice about: – healthy pregnancy – connected birthing – no-cry sleep tips – losing post-baby weight – infant massage/bonding – finding support
“Andi presents Attachment Parenting in an easy-to-understand way. You’ll find brilliant information on how to increase your chances of having a happier, healthier, smarter child.” Dr. Bill Sears
“An empathetic mother-to-mother approach, coupled with strong evidence, this book leaves you feeling empowered and confident. It’s beautifully supportive.” Pinky McKay


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