Too young to write By Javeria Kamil


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It is a classical collection of magical verses of poetry: exceptionally created by Javeria Kamil. The compelling ideas, prolific thoughts, and dimensionless imaginations: urge the reader to fall in love with their valuable existence, the irresistible nature of the world, and their loved ones, some beautiful verses from this book demand to be remembered as words of forever.

I want thee: to read this book in love because I want to let you know :there is a poet who loves to write for her readers .
Keep it safe ,because they are not only the words .
Only words for people .
But: feelings to you .
In the dark and light ,you always say ; I have faith in
This single line is always adrenaline pumped in a body .
So ,you can stand bold in all tough and cold .
It is the most beloved relation of society .
I call it pure humanity ;vow to be human this decade .
If you have ever seen :the extroverts to be introverts .
It is the charisma of autumn season .
She narrated to nature did you love my
Hallucinations ?
Nature replied , I am glad to meet the eerie soul of nature .
I am the” nature of garden” who met the eerie soul of nature .
My friend is my pen ,who never lies when it is about valuable lives .
To be continued!