You Can’t Come in Here! (You’re Invited to a Creepover #2) by P.J. Night, Michael Teitelbaum


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Perfect for tweens who love a good scare, don’t miss this all-new series from Simon Spotlight that combines the fun of sleepovers with the thrill of chilling tales. Readers will get more than goosebumps from these stories that infuse modern middle-school life with a helping of horror.

In You Can’t Come in Here!, Emily Hunter is super excited when the new neighbors move in, especially because they have two kids her age. She loves hanging out with Drew and Vicky and plans for them to meet her other friends at a sleepover party at her house. But as Emily prepares for the sleepover, strange things start happening at Drew and Vicky’s—they only let Emily see into one room of their house, and there’s a wolf that howls in their yard every night. Is Emily’s overactive imagination running wild, or is there something really creepy about the new neighbors? (