Your Creative Mind: How to Disrupt Your Thinking, Abandon Your Comfort Zone, and Develop Bold New Strategies by Scott Cochrane


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Too many companies limit their strategic thinking by focusing on what they already know how to do. Executives are expected to set concrete objectives and create detailed, step-by-step plans to reach them. This approach may satisfy short-term considerations like quarterly earnings reports, but it produces modest innovation and evolutionary development at best. As a result, the business can find itself in a performance plateau that it cannot seem to break out of.

In Your Creative Mind, you will discover an entirely different approach to the creative process. You will learn:
How to catapult your company out of a performance plateau and into dynamic growth, expansion, and market leadership.

How to move beyond classic groupthink and unleash your true creative power.

How to become a trend leader and paradigm shifter by harnessing the secrets of the power of creation.

How to innovate your way into the most beneficial business relationships you can imagine.

Using the practical techniques and steps described in Your Creative Mind will infuse your company with creative power and drive innovation. Break free of business as usual and create the dynamic growth you deserve!