Dark Psychology and Manipulation: For a Better Life by Brandon Goleman


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The internet era and social media have introduced an entirely new reality into the social structure of modern society. Whether you experience those changes in your professional workplace or in your relationships with your friends and family members, no one disagrees that things have changed. Emotional intelligence is now recognized as one of the critical ingredients for success in this Brave New World.

Dark Psychology and Manipulation provides a comprehensive overview to develop your emotional intelligence. How this new awareness can help you detect, avoid, and escape many of the common pitfalls that hold people back from achieving their goals in virtually any area of their lives.

As you read Dark Psychology and Manipulation, you will discover a top-down approach for understanding what emotional manipulation is, how it can affect you, where you can turn for help, and what you can do personally to formulate a plan of action. Specifically, the five chapters of this book cover the following topics:

◆ Delving into Dark Psychology

This chapter provides a historical and theoretical overview of the science and practice of Dark Psychology.

◆ Dark Triad Personalities

This chapter provides specific clinical descriptions of the 3 classic predatory personality types.

◆ What Is Emotional Manipulation?

Emotional manipulation may look quite different in practice, and this chapter will help you identify the signs.

◆ Methods of Dark Persuasion

Aside from our personal relationships, convincing and persuading people has become an enormous industry. Here’s what to look out for.

◆ Defending Yourself Against Emotional Predators

Finally, once you’rearmed with the knowledge to succeed, you’ll need to formulate a strategy. This chapter will provide techniques and suggestions for living a happier and more successful life by putting your knowledge of emotional intelligence to work for you.

Job skills and traditional forms of education are as valuable as ever. But as social media,digital communication, and the changing workplace continue to evolve, we are all faced with a new set of challenges that require a new and different response.

Simply knowing what is holding us back isn’t enough anymore.

Dark Psychology and Manipulation not only gives you the skills and knowledge to know where to look for answers but also shows you how your newfound knowledge of emotional intelligence can help you achieve greater happiness and success.