Falling by Anne Provoost, John Nieuwenhuizen (Translator)


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Falling in love…falling under the influence…falling into temptation…falling ill…falling apart…falling from grace…Lucas has no idea there are so many painful ways to fall.Through a long summer of oppressive heat and suspense, Lucas becomes aware of many things he does not understand. What can his Grandfather have done during the war to provoke such hostility in his own home town? Why is there growing crme and tension i the neighbourhood? What is his attitude to immigrants and refugees? How should he respond to his new friend, Benoit, whose arguments confuse and compel him, or to Caitlin, with her enigmatic ways and her beautiful, sad dancing? And how should he act when the crisis comes?A deep, disturbing book about the inexorable influence of the past on the present, the seductive power of extreme nationalism and racism, the complexities of moral and political choice, and the gulf between intentions and consequences a haunting story of love, fear, anger and forgiveness.Falling was first published in Belgium. It has won five major literary awards, topped best-seller lists and been translated into many languages. With her sharp prose and unswerving gaze, Anne Provoost probes personal and social dilemmas that are increasingly relevant.


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