Good Derivatives: A Story of Financial and Environmental Innovation by Richard L. Sandor (Contributor)


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good derivatives

Harnessing financial innovation to combat the world’s environmental problems

In this book, Richard Sandor explains the process of creating new financial products and the equally important process of “pioneering” products to achieve widespread usage in the financial industry. Describing both his successes and failures, he offers unique insights into financial innovation, the globalized financial markets, and the bumpy road of the innovator. Sandor also discusses the vision behind the Chicago Climate Exchange and how he believes it will play a critical role in reducing the world output of greenhouse gases.

In “The Good Sorcerer,” Sandor argues that market-based trading systems are a far more effective means of reducing pollutants than “command-and-control” dictates, and such trading systems can ultimately help find solutions to global water shortages, rainforest destruction, and endangered species.Author Richard Sandor “the father of financial futures” helped create catastrophe bondsProposes using market-based trading systems to solve burgeoning environmental risksContains a wealth of illustrative stories and lessons learned

Filled with provocative ideas, fascinating stories, and valuable lessons, “The Good Sorcerer” provides a snapshot of recent financial history and a vision of where we’re headed.