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CSS New Exam Syllabus
Governance and Public Politics For CSS and All Other Relevant Exams By Dr Muhammad Kaleem

Public Policy and Governance has gained a lot of importance in modern world of today. It is believed that democracy without good governance is worse than dictatorship. All international donors’ agencies and development banks have put a lot of emphasis on this subject. The public policy formulation is the domain of politicians and its implementation is of bureaucracy. So it is important for the civil servants to learn this subject for the better implementation of the policies in the country. Good policies become futile if these are implemented poorly. Federal Public Service Commission introduced this subject in the CSS examination with the same perspective in their mind.
Governance and Public Politics For CSS By Dr Muhammad Kaleem is an effort to cover all topics prescribed in the syllabus in the easiest way and in the light of the books suggested by the Federal Public Service Commission.