Handbook of Oral Biology Author: Zohaib Khurshid, Sana Zohaib, Zeeshan Sheikh


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This book introduces and discusses the concepts pertaining to the subject and science of Oral Biology. It contains a unique and comprehensive introduction to oral biological systems and processes such as, Cranio-facial embryology, structure and development of bone, periodontal tissues, salivary glands, temporomandibular joint and its components to name a few topics covered. The book ends with a very unique discussion relating to the regenerative capacity and repair processes of the oral tissues. This book tries to avoid increasing the length and complexity of the text so as not to obscure the basic information necessary for readers to gain knowledge and develop a basic understanding of oral tissues. The readers can refer to the variety of images or use the tables for a quick reference present in the chapters to summarize the text and highlight important points. Full-color illustrations explain concepts graphically. Clear, precise figures and images show identifying details and the tables throughout the chapters provide at-a-glance reference material relating to specific topic under discussion. Students of dentistry, medicine and dental clinicians alike will benefit from the clear and consistent format of this book.


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