Human Embryology 2nd Edition by Laiq Hussain Siddiqui.


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Human Embryology has been written with an intent to make the subject of embryology easily understandable for the medical and dental students. To make this otherwise dreary subject interesting, explanation of the intricate developmental processes has been presented in a plain and palatable manner. Description of the normal development of organs/organ systems is supplemented by an account of the correlates including the major congenital anomalies of the concerned organs/organ system. Molecular regulation of development has been described in a very simplified way which makes this newly introduced yet tedious component of embryology easily comprehensible for the students. This book contains more than 500 colour illustrations, sketches and diagrams which facilitate and augment comprehension of the text material. Introduction Basic Genetics Molecular Basis of Embryonic Development Male and Female Reproductive Systems Gemetogenesis Discharge and Union of Gametes First Week of Development Second Week of Development Third Week of Development Fourth Week of Development Fifth to Eighth Weeks of Development The Fetal Period Decidua, Fetal Membranes and Placenta Congenital Anomalies. Section 2: Special Embryology Skeletal and Articular Muscular System The Limbs Body Cavities, Mesenteries and Diaphragm Integumentary System Respiratory System Digestive System Cardiovascular System Urogenital System Head and Neck Nervous System Eye Ear


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