International Affairs By Dr Safdar Mehmood Revised & Enlarged Edition


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The combination of traditional and nontraditional political trends in the age of globalization coupled with multifaceted tendencies of North — South politics has hampered the conventional wisdom of world politics. Presently, the intemational political system portrays an unclear picture of a world in which the widening gaps between developing and developed states parallel to the shrinking distances of the globalized village have become predominantly considerable standards. Therefore, the book International Affairs is designed to assist the layman to comprehend effectively the political paradoxes and dichotic state behaviors. The main structure of the book attempts to provide a detailed history of world politics while discussing various issues of foreign policies, territorial clashes between states, inflexible national standing of different leaders, ongoing armed conflicts in different regions, and the dominating role of great powers in international system. The easy language and simple analytical approach based on constructive arguments try to educate the students of international relations and world politics.

The eighteen updated chapters on different political issues are planned to help the candidates preparing for various exams of Current Affairs and General Knowledge, because the book is written in accordance with the contents of different exams. I believe, it will be a
comprehensive version of national international political issues to enhance the general understanding, political knowledge and broader vision of contemporary world. This updated volume provides the reader a glimpse of world politics till April 2016. This thoroughly revised 50″‘ edition of the book covers the topics of ISIS (a new wave of terrorism), US Elections 2016 (Politics of Democrats and Republicans), The Trump’s new way of world politics, US — Russian tussle (conflicts of Ukraine and Syria), emerging oil politics of Middle Eastern and Gulf regions, the spread of epidemic diseases (Ebola, Zika virus), the sectarian politics between Saudi Arabia and Iran (civil wars of Yemen and Syria) Ongoing Nuclear Politics (NSS and NPT), Pak – China Economic Corridor (Chinese New Silk Route), Sectarian politics in Pakistan, challenges to CPEC, swelling Indian conventional and nonconventional weapons capabilities etc. Moreover, in the wake of these qualitative changes in the intemational system, the subject matter of the book, in the present addition, has been collected from books, research papers,


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