International Relations 3 edition by norman d.palmer


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In this context, a clear understanding of contemporary trends in inter-national relations becomes necessary. This comprehensive and well-organized book dwells on the multidimensional aspects of international relations, taking the academic requirements of the students into account. Divided into 18 chapters, the book gives a panoramic view of international relations and highlights, in the process, the Third World problems and their role in international politics and national liberation movements. Dr. Peu Ghosh, with her expertise in the subject and rich experience, gives a masterly analysis of the theory and practice of International Relations in the text. The book begins with a detailed discussion on the evolution, nature and scope of international relations; different approaches to IR; state and non-state actors; national power; balance of power; and foreign policy. It then goes on to give a comprehensive coverage of such topics as the major world events after World War II and their impact on international relations and on international organizations such as the UN and its principal organs, regional organizations like OAU, the SAARC and ASEAN. The book concludes with a highlight on international law, international morality, and Indian foreign policy as evolved from its enunciation by Jawaharlal Nehru and continued till today.


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