Mad (Mad, Bad, and Dangerous to Know Trilogy #1) by Chloé Esposito


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Alvie is a walking disaster with no future, fired from her job and even from her apartment by her roommates. The complete opposite of her twin sister, Beth, who resides in a sumptuous villa in Taormina in Sicily with her husband, a beautiful Italian, and her adorable little boy. What make him want to murder! So when Alvie receives a call from her sister who offers her a first class flight to join her, she does not immediately jump for joy … before giving in to the call of luxury and sun. But kindness is not free: Beth asks him to pretend to be her for an afternoon.


This exchange of identity will prove to be the first stage of a devilish and irresistible whirlwind! Between pretenses and twists and turns, Alvie discovers new unusual passions and learns that the dream life can sometimes taste like … blood.