Muslim Law & Jurisprudence (CSS/PMS) By Aatir Rizvi JWT


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Since the fateful word  ‘Iqra’ was proclaimed to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) over fifteen hundred years ago, Islam has erupted as a phenomenon that descended from the spiritual to the common realm and penetrated the religious, social, political and even psychic consciousness. In its wake it wiped out systems and dogmas entrenched for centuries and preoccupied itself with doctrine, liturgy, contemplative disciplines and an exploration of the heart. In less than fifty tears of its birth the light had spread to half the globe. It was a religion that sought to establish a remarkably pragmatic system with norms, roles and laws despite the metaphysical and divine aspersions of its followers. Uniquely, it did  not challenge other faiths or claim monopoly of absolute truth. Yet before long there were traces of a cleavage- even persecution of co-religionists for interpreting a tradition differently or from holding heterodox beliefs. As the inner dissensions appeared, the reconciliatory spint towards other religions also receded, culminating in historical events like the crusade wars.In the twentieth century, as threat by liberal and secular forces grew and a torrent of scientific advancement swept the world, resistance pockets of conservative, even farces emerged. Now Islam became an enigma for the world. A labyrinth where the Muslims sought a reconciliation of ideals past and present as a new vocabulary emerged-the ‘fundamentalist’, the fanatic’, the ‘oppressor of women’, the ‘terrorist’;


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