Myth-Busting Economics: A No-nonsense Guide to Your Money, Your Business and the Australian Economy by Stephen Koukoulas


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myth busting economics

A practical, easy-to-follow guide to understanding and responding to Australian economic trends

How does the fall in the Dow Jones or the rise in the Chinese yuan impact your personal finances?  Using practical and real-world examples, Myth-busting Economics helps you make informed decisions for yourself and your business. Written by a leading economist, this frank, fact-filled, no-nonsense guide provides special insights into the Australian economy in Asia, commodity prices, housing affordability, the impact of an aging population on the economy, and much more.  This book outlines the themes that people of all ages, incomes, and levels of wealth need to consider in the context of their personal finances. You’ll get a better understanding of the key issues and find out how to fully prepare for the uncertainties lurking beneath the surface and you’ll learn how to take advantage of emerging opportunities.

Economics dominates the news, but figuring out what is really important is no easy task. At last, this myth-busting book clears the air and gives you the facts you really need to be ready for the future.

Learn what the economy means to you, your family, and your business Prepare for the coming economic trends now Understand what drives business through inevitable ups and downs Get a firm grasp on the major economic issues that impact your finances

Our lives are inexorably linked to the economy, but few Australians credit just how much economic trends affect their financial growth and security. Myth-busting Economics closes the gap in financial literacy and provides clarification and expert insight to help you navigate the road ahead.


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