Peer e Kamil | پیر کامل by Umera Ahmed (urdu)


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When it comes down to Peer e Kamil buy online, it’s needless to say that one needs to have a basic idea about the story. This is because Peer e Kamil is not only a story; it’s the combination of one’s journey to find Allah and bringing peace into his life. The story is focused on the deviational section, which denies the finality of our Prophet (P.B.U.H) while sharing the journey of two souls.

The novel revolves around two people with unhappy souls; the protagonist is Salaar Sikandar, who has an impeccable I.Q level which empowers him to solve the most complicated questions in seconds and leave everyone stunned. On the other hand, the female protagonist is Imama Hashim, who is just an ordinary girl who belongs to a stable family.

Both main characters of the novel are poles apart when it comes down to their approach to religion and spiritual awakening. In the novel, destiny will maneuver them through each other’s lives until Salaar ends up falling in love with Imama Hashim. Honestly, both of them have a horrifying experience that shifts the entire course of their lives.

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