Psychology (CSS/PMS) By Tayab Saifullah JWT


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All praises and thanks to Allah Almighty for giving me the opportunity and facility to compile this book. Can one book cover all the topics of Psychology mentioned in thenew syllabus of CSS? This was the question I had in mind while designing to compile this text. And I am confident that with the publication of this book the primary problems of the aspiring students i.e. finding the relevant and authentic material, purchasing and studying a large number of expensive foreign books will be solved.

This book works to meet these goals by presenting concise, straight-forward concepts, definitions, key terms, illustrations and theories strictly according to the new syllabus of CSS. No unnecessary material is included in this book. It is to make sure that the aspirants of CSS could prepare for the examination easily and efficiently. I wish to express my gratitude to Mr Adeel Niaz of IBD Press whose love, sincerity and determination to spread the knowledge is remarkable. I am also thankful to Mr Sheraz, Mr Nisar Ali, Ansar Hafeez and Afzal Yousaf Ianjua of IBD Press whose skills in shaping the book are marvelous. All suggestions and comments that may enhance the utility and authenticity of book shall be entertained.