River Secrets (The Books of Bayern #3) by Shannon Hale


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Razo has always thought of himself as too short, too weak, too slow; only good for catching with his sling the odd squirrel for his mother’s cookpot. But when he joins the king’s soldiers on a peacekeeping mission, Razo finds that his squirrel-killing talents come in handy, and his way of noticing the unusual, thinking through to the truth, and befriending the unlikeliest of people will serve him better than anyone could have predicted.

Shannon Hale’s Books of Bayern have become beloved, perennial favorites, finding more and more readers every year since they were published over a decade ago. Now with fresh new covers, the fantastical, romantic, and gorgeously written series that first introduced Hale as a master storyteller is prime to be discovered by the a whole new generation.


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