Eliyahu’s Mistress by Roger Mendelson


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Steven is a dynamic marketing man, Jewish but not religious. When he begins developing a new business strategy for an established chain of Church-run op-shops, he quickly forms a strong working relationship with Frances, one of the board members.

Frances is a middle-aged practising Catholic, who lives in the mountain ranges outside Melbourne. She lives a life shaped by nature, her religion and the seasons. It provides her with contentment and a deep spiritual dimension.

The bedrock of their growing bond is the conversations they engage in, as they learn more about each other through religion, history and the relationships that have defined them.

Their business formality slowly becomes a friendship, then something more. Both Steven and Frances maintain a steady control on their relationship, but they both know it can’t last forever. Frances is experiencing a sexual and religious awakenening, and Steven finds himself increasingly at odds with her deep spirituality.

Even as their relationship becomes more and more intense, their time together is heading towards an unexpected and dramatic finish.


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