The Brave Toy Soldier and Other Stories by Enid Blyton


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One of a selection of ever-popular short stories for the younger reader, with clear text and illustrated throughout. For Ages 5+
This Enid Blyton book contains the stories:

The Brave Toy Soldier
Poor Mr Pop-Off
The Sparrow, the Frog, and the Duck
Sixpence for a Puppy
Gee-Up, Old Clothes-Horse!
The Astonishing Curtains
The Dog That Helped a Fairy
The Christmas Tree Party
Claws for the Cat
Mother Dubbins and her Clever Duck
Grandma’s Doll
The Page That Blew Away
Puss! Puss! Puss!
Someone Likes the Mud
Old Mister Surly
The Witch-Sixpence
I Don’t Know How to Dance!


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