The Cruel Prince (The Folk of the Air book 1) by Holly Black


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Of course I want to be like them. They’re beautiful as blades forged in some divine fire. They will live forever. Buy the cruel prince online to read complete story.

What happened in The Cruel Prince?

Madoc, Vivienne’s biological father, murders Jude and Taryn’s parents. He whisks all three of them away to Faerie to live as his charges. Ten years later, twins Jude and Taryn love life in Faerie, are obedient and try to live by the rules. Vivi, the true faerie, doesn’t obey or want to be part of this world.

The twins attend a faerie ball, one of many where they must be careful and watch from the sidelines. Valerian insults Jude.

A typical day at faerie lessons for the twins involves torture by Cardan and his posse.

Humans can stay in Faerie in adulthood if they fall in love and marry (Taryn’s choice) or if they show a skill (Jude’s choice—to serve as a knight after proving her fighting ability in the Summer Tournament).

King Eldred will soon choose a successor from among his children. Everyone thinks it will be Dain, his third oldest.

Madoc says Jude can’t compete in the Summer Tournament.

Jude and Cardan torture each other back and forth. One day, he nearly drowns Jude asking her not to participate in the Summer Tournament. She won’t withdraw. Taryn has to kiss each of his cheeks to rescue Jude.

The three sisters go to a mortal mall. Vivi tells her sisters she wants them to move to the mortal world with her and live with her girlfriend. Vivi wants to be human and the twins want to be fae. Before they leave the mall, Jude hurts a boy who was trying to hit on her.

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