Unborn: The Legend Returns Home by Roz A.I.


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the legend returns home book

SOME CONSIDER LUCID DREAMS AS THE GATEWAY TO ANOTHER DIMENSION, BUT WHAT IF IT WAS THE GATEWAY TO YOUR PAST AND HOMELAND? Shrouded in mystery amongst the wisps of fleeting dreams and memories, beyond the deepest depths of the blue ocean lies an alternate world hidden from the ordinary —the Land of Zoma. Naeel wasn’t meant for the small-town life of Hill Town. Since a young age, he’d been absolutely terrified of water but without recollection why. As graduation approaches, his anxiousness continues to grow. Soon life would change, and he would find his true purpose. Naeel soon discovers that in this realm he is known as a legend and an unborn. The people who reside in the Land of Zoma possess powerful magical abilities. As strong as they are, the people of Zoma are in trouble, and its up to Naeel to save them. There is a darkness that lurks. Waiting around every corner, and within every shadow. Anxiously awaiting the return of the prince. Is this real, or is it mere fantasy? Within these brief moments of perceived consciousness, the line between reality and fantasy becomes ever so faint.


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