The MRCP PACES Handbook (MasterPass) 2nd Edition


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the mrcp paces handbook

MRCP PACES is a challenging examination requiring in-depth clinical knowledge, excellent clinical skills and the ability to present each case concisely and coherently. This revision guide helps candidates achieve these aims; it is compact enough for bedside use and sufficiently comprehensive for self-study.


The new edition follows the structure of the current PACES exam and has an expanded section on Station 5. As well as a wealth of up-to-date questions for practice, it includes extensive new clinical information on new therapies and details of the latest investigations and management options. Each chapter has been reviewed by senior clinicians within the specialty.


• Presents all seven stations in one book


• Provides practical hints and tips for success at each station


• Presents much more comprehensive information in a compact and accessible format than other books


• Provides evidence-based information, guidelines and questions mapping onto the latest examination format.


This book teaches the candidate not only how to pass the PACES exam, leading the reader through each case and exactly what is expected of them, but also provides a succinct yet detailed clinical handbook for support on medical wards.


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