The Taste of Home: In search of the secrets of flavour by Diane Fresquez


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the taste of home

Do men and women experience taste and smell differently? What do apple trees have in common with humans? And what happens when you eat a meal completely in the dark?

Moved by a death in the family to recreate the dishes her mother prepared in her childhood home, former Wall Street Journal reporter Diane Fresquez embarked on a year-long journey to investigate the links between taste, memory and the molecular building blocks of what we eat, seeking out scientists and entrepreneurs who are trying to reveal the secrets of flavour.

In this weird and wonderful jaunt through the world of sensory science, Fresquez meets a brewery owner who’s developed a banana-flavored beer meant to appeal to young women, and an entrepreneur who won’t rest until he develops the perfect mead, the ancient liquor considered the ancestor of all fermented drinks. She encounters a young mother and PhD student whose research shows that what a mother eats can influence the flavour of her breast milk, and a scientist in the Netherlands who does research on flavour and memory at an Orwellian university lab called ‘The Restaurant of the Future’. Fresquez even includes a series of recipes based on her fascinating adventures.