To The Point Islamic History & Culture By Zahid Ashraf JWT


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The purpose of this book is to give deep insight regarding the subject of Islamic History and Culture and this will help the students in preparing this subject. Students are usually baffled about opting for this subject due to its long course but in fact it has a precise and to the point syllabus. It has been scoring for the last many years and helps student get top position in the competitive exams. I did my best effort to provide quotations and exact dates of the past events. Given chapters in this book will hopefully cover the competitive exams syllabus and the myth of having long syllabus will be addressed if students prepare these questions. Besides, the book has been updated as per the changed syllabus of CSS-2015. And the last important thing is that there are expected MCQs in the end. Besides, chronology of the important events will update the candidates about the major events and help solve the objective papers. I am also thankful to my wife and other family members who extended their complete  cooperation in the completion of this project. I extend my gratitude and acknowledgement to those articles and websites which helped me  in this book.