Top 20 Questions Pakistan Affairs By Iqra Riaz Ud Din JWT


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The Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) has recently introduced substantial Changes to syllabi for CSS exam 2019, and onwards. Like that of all other subjects, the syllabus or Pakistan Affairs has also changed and now a major part of it has been dedicated to Current Affairs of Pakistan. This has put CSS aspirants in a quandary as to how and from where to Prepare for this crucial paper. So keeping in view the needs of the aspirants, Jahangir group of Publications has published this book entitled “To the Point Pakistan Affairs”.

The book has been designed and written to meet the expanding requirements of the aspirants. We have worked really hard to bring this volume as early as we could for the greater benefit of the aspirants. Actually, when such sudden, yet substantial, changes are introduced to the syllabus, generally such books are published hurriedly that sometimes miss many important topics or these ‘quick’ editions are replete with errors. Unlike most books in the market, ample time has been given to make this book highly informative and student-friendly and a special care has been given to make it simple, easy and error free. Moreover, a special effort has been made to make the contents of the book relevant, authentic, up-to-date and to-the-point.This book is also immensely useful for various other competitive examinations conducted by federal and provincial public service commissions. Although extreme care has been taken to make this book error-free, if you find any mistake, please let us know. All constructive comments, suggestions from the readers to improve the book will be highly welcomed.