Wiley CFA Curriculum Level 3 2022 Volume 1 to 6


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Wiley CFA Curriculum Level 3

The 2022 CFA Program Curriculum Level III Box Set contains all the material you need to succeed on the Level III CFA exam in 2022. This set includes the full official curriculum for Level III and is part of the larger CFA Candidate Body of Knowledge (CBOK).

Designed to acclimate you to the exam’s heavy reliance on information synthesis and solution application regarding portfolio management and wealth planning, the Level III curriculum will help you master both calculation-based and word-based problems.

Highly visual and intuitively organized, this box set allows you to:

  • Learn from financial thought leaders.
  • Access market-relevant instruction.
  • Gain critical knowledge and skills.

The set also includes practice questions to assist with your recall of key terms, concepts, and formulas.

Perfect for anyone preparing for the 2022 Level III CFA exam, the 2022 CFA Program Curriculum Level III Box Set is a must-have resource for those seeking the advanced skills required to become a Chartered Financial Analyst®.


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